DOB 10.10.2009


  Landesjugendsieger Südbayern 2010



Before Takuté was getting too old for breeding, I decided to mate her with Django, a male imported in 2007 from the region of origin and owned by Alberto Rossi in Italy, in order to contribute to the enhancement of the gene pool, for which in my opinion, Takuté with her extraordinary, refined type is especially suitable. The last days of her 68 days of pregnancy had really taxed my patience, when finally she gave birth to 5 strong males, who were born quickly one after another. Then she stopped for three hours and I feared there would not be any female in this litter. It was frustrating, as I had envisaged obtaining a "half African" female to breed with. But finally Takuté gave birth to a female. Thus I did not have to decide between various sisters and it was clear from the beginning that Amazzal would stay with us.


Amazzal on her first day and to the right at the age of six weeks


Amazzal, who right from the start had strong nerves without showing any disposition for hysteria or airs and graces is my most "level-headed" dog. Very calm in the house, nearly prudent, so that one gets the impression that she thinks about everything, she shows pure energy and action outside, nevertheless, not wasting anything. When seeing a rabbit on our walks, the other three hysterically tear on the leash while she stands still looking up at me as if stating how "stupid" the others are. But when coursing, she gives her eye teeth and "kills" the artificial hare with great enthusiasm



Amazzal at eleven month presented on a show


at eighteen month                                                                                           Photo by Armin Hauke


A good friend of mine once said: "This female is a great inspiration, a reason for hope!" What he wanted to state was that her nearly ideal type, her long, open angled legs, her inclined croup and her balanced, archaic type is rarely seen nowadays, giving more and more way to a modern, European show type.


almost two years old  -  ín my opinion almost perfect in type




For me it is a real gift to live together with such a special dog that is always at my side, transferring her relaxed "aura" calmness and ease towards me.

I am really looking forward to see how much of her unique character and her aboriginal type she will transmit to her offspring.


at two and a half years


at three and a half years


at fourf years



Amazzal and the G litter



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