whelped *12.12.2003




(Kusaylah al Ifriqiya X Taytok)



Landesjugendsieger Südbayern 2004



 at 25 days


. During my stay in the US, Taytok, my female imported from Mali, raised a litter sired by Kusaylah al Ifriqiya. When I returned to Germany, I decided to bring Taletmot back with me to share my life, as she had appealed to me very much since I held her in my hands shortly after her birth.


at 7,5 month


Since then, she has grown up, becoming a very beautiful and quite typical female. Her very expressive head, as well as her whole phenotype, resembles very much the old Yugoslavian lines, which were bred in the seventies and eighties. By the way, this is exactly the type which I could see during my two trips to the Sahel and which nowadays is almost lost in the European breeding lines, since these tend to exaggerate the type more and more.

So I am very excited about breeding this archetypal beautiful Azawakh and I hope she will pass this type on to her get in the future.


at three years


headstudy at 13 month


 She has already been trained on the track and she seems to be quite talented. Shown only a few times, she has always obtained excellent judgements and in 2004, she was awarded the Bavarian Junior Winner title.



at 2,5 years



at four years


with her first puppies in 2007


Taletmot whelped her first litter sired by Multi- Ch.Tombouktou´s P´Aytarel in May 2007. One and a half year later her second litter, which was sired by Bahran Idi n´Illeli was born in November 2008. Because this litter was so close to my ideal, I decided to repeat this combination once more, even though it is not my common breeding practice, because this does not make any sense for the diversity of the Azawakh genepool. The B litter, bred in 2010 was the result. From this litter I could not resist to retain the female Banome´for breeding  

at six years